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About Xindun

Manufacturing equipment
Sheet metal folding system
The most advanced sheet metal folding system is introduced. It is based on Windows NT operating system, easy to use, more flexible and suitable for all kinds of high precision sheet metal working. 
Hydraulic equipment
The door plank is processed by 2,000 tons one-take hydraulic equipment, realizing smooth surface and enhanced strength. 
Rolling equipment
The door frame uses the roll forming process. The door frame is beautiful in appearance and strong in steel after rolling.
Automated leveling cutting system
The automatic control system level the plate rolling into flat plate, and accurately cut it as the required specification. The leveling accuracy can reach up to 1-2mm/m2, and the shear accuracy can reach up to about 0.05mm/m. The smoothness of steel ensures the quality of the door.
Automatic spraying equipment
The most advanced imported spray line is used, producing color bright and strong adhesion.