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How to buy a good anti-theft door how to identify its quality

How to buy a good anti-theft door how to identify its quality

Industry news
China doors and windows network
2017/08/11 08:52
The market has a variety of security doors, many consumers may not know when to buy what kind of security door really appropriate, or in the choice of time to buy a substandard product, then the vast number of consumers how to identify , In order to buy qualified high-quality security door it?
Purchase Notes
1, level standard check
Security door security level can be divided into A, B, C, D by a rating, Class A anti-theft performance highest, followed by B, C; Ding put the lowest level. We see in the building materials market, most of the anti-theft door is a small security door, more suitable for the general use of ordinary families.
2, steel plate inspection
State regulations, anti-theft door steel plate thickness of 1 mm, but some companies in order to reduce costs, and some only 0.4 mm steel plate, steel plate loss of security. According to some anti-theft door industry businessmen, consumers can test the quality of the steel plate, according to the door plate, if the board was pressed into, then the quality of the security door on the general, and suggested not to buy.
3, the collapse of the inspection
Qualified anti-theft door down will use stainless steel, but some small workshops to reduce costs, it will use stainless steel. Some security door industry boss introduced a recognition of the tips, the magnet on the next place, if the magnet was attracted to you, then the quality of the security door is not qualified, not recommended to buy.
4, multi-function anti-theft lock
Qualified security door generally use three-position lock, not only lock lock, up and down the bar can be inserted into the lock, the door to be fixed. Some businesses use locks to tend to attract consumers, but good locks can not lock the situation to appear more and more.
Security door is to protect the family security guards, its procurement can not be sloppy, all aspects should be checked clearly, because it is related to the safety of home problems.
How to identify quality
1, require the seller to produce the relevant departments of the "test certificate of compliance" to check whether the national mandatory standards GB17565-1998 technical requirements.
2, remove the cat's eye, doorbell box or lock handle, check the internal structure of the door. The door should have a number of reinforced steel, so that the front and rear panels are organically connected together. The door is best to have asbestos and other fire, insulation, sound insulation function of the material as a filler.
3, check whether the lock by the public security departments to detect qualified anti-theft lock, lock in the installation of whether to strengthen the steel plate to protect.
4, check the quality of the product process, whether there are welding defects, door and door frame with the dense and so on.
5, weigh a security door weight, regular security door weight of not less than 40 kg.
Unqualified security door, as the name suggests less than the national standard security door. Unqualified security door in the market tricks, as long as the consumer to maintain a calm state of mind. Do not be tempted for the low price of the door. Choose a better reputation of the manufacturers. Basically do not buy unqualified security door.