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A new generation of consumer main body usher in the security door how to seize business opportunities

A new generation of consumer main body usher in the security door how to seize business opportunities

Industry news
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2017/08/11 09:00
Since the beginning of the development of anti-theft door market, anti-theft door enterprises to face consumer groups or to 60, 70 or even 50 after the main. And today, many 80 has also been among the home consumer groups, and even part of the 90 has also become a founding, began to become the main home consumption of the family.
However, after 80, 90 after the home design and consumption of the attitudes and concepts are significantly different from the 60, 70, and 50 after it is almost say there is a world of difference. However, from the current market situation, with the exception of a handful of anti-theft door enterprises, the vast majority of anti-theft door enterprises did not make a rapid and accurate response to the natural changes in consumer groups. Even if there is action, there are many changes that do not belong to the nature of the problem. That is, most enterprises are not fundamentally innovative and change, but to a certain extent, the surface of the trend of development and to respond to the situation.
From the beginning of the development of the market, is a large number of anti-theft door enterprises swarmed, making the anti-theft door market has been quite a mixed situation in recent years, although improved, but not cure, and the homogenization of the phenomenon of increasing security. Security door in order to be able to seize this generation of young consumers "appetite", it must be done to change.
1, security door enterprises must clear consumer demand
The same time as 80,90 after most of the things for the views and attitudes than their older generation and even the older generation of three generations of people. They have a great interest in the pursuit of things "strange point", that is, different, to say that the freshness is fresh, for the anti-theft door of course, so If the anti-theft door market is always flowing in the traditional surface design, I am afraid it is difficult to meet their "vision." The current market environment more and more open, business development is full of possible, in order to pursue the interests of enterprise development, the market appears a wide variety of security doors. However, the blind development will disrupt the development of the industry norms, the development of their own business is useless. Only in accordance with the needs of the market environment and customer base changes in order to change in the market competition to win the success. For anti-theft door enterprises, to grasp the needs of young consumer groups, is tantamount to seize the market.
2, as far as possible highlight the trend of personality design
Since grasp the changes in consumer groups, then the product design should be based on the effort. The so-called know ourselves, know yourself, corporate marketing is the same, only know the needs of consumers, can only give consumers what they want. In the younger consumer groups, "pragmatism" has been "fashion + popular" to replace. Most young people pursue fashionable lifestyle and prefer fashion products. To be successful in the crowd after 80 marketing, "manufacturing popular" may be an indispensable means. The security door looks simple, but in fact, it is in addition to people living an important necessity, but also be seen as with the overall style of home improvement works of art.
At present, some of our growth in the door industry is often followed by the trend of large brands or the market popular style, mutual imitation, copy the composition of more, and did not form their own unique style. From a certain sense, the door can successfully build a strong brand, depending on the enterprise creativity and corporate strength. It can be said that the design is one of the creative resources of enterprises, with the trend of personalized design to promote the 80 market after the brand awareness and recognition, and thus forging a strong brand, is the door of the sustainable development.
Therefore, in the growing period of the door to be in product design breakthrough, improve product design, thus expanding market share. All the behavior of the enterprise is to meet the needs of the market, rather than forcing consumers to accept passive, so designed to meet the needs of young market products, often more with less.
3, attaches great importance to quality assurance and brand image to maintain
We all know that the development of the network is very fast now, and the younger groups also prefer to express their views and opinions on the network, and they have little to say. Therefore, the anti-theft door enterprises to pay great attention to quality requirements, and even sales methods and attitudes, after-sales service content and attitude, etc., must have new changes and quality. Young consumers do not have much to face the number of face, if the quality or after-sales problems, but it is a neglected little problem, and they are overwhelming in the network to express a feeling that they will not be added to praise, feeling It may be that it is not possible to belittle it.
If it is to belittle, then, I think we all understand the power of the network, for a good brand, it is simply a tragedy. Therefore, anti-theft door enterprises to attach great importance to quality assurance and brand image to maintain.
4, pay attention to changes in transaction path, the network is an important way to choose
Although the store is still the main channel to buy, but the younger groups ahead of consumption, online shopping, purchasing, buy and a series of network-related consumption gradually rise, become nowadays young people respected lifestyle. Now the online shopping environment is becoming more mature, young mainstream consumer groups tend to online shopping preferences, network sales will become a clear trend of the product. Who can grasp the pulse of network marketing, who will master the winning opportunity. Door enterprises can be settled in a large electric business platform, to be established after the time to establish their own business platform.
5, pay attention to the overall service, to create "one stop in the end" convenient service chain
You can say that younger consumers are lazy, but you can not help but consider serving them. In fact, they have a focus on the focus of the word, many times do not want to be some trouble, so, tend to have the best service in a row to solve the solution. At the same time, with the accelerated pace of life, especially after 80 years of heavy work and family pressure, there is no sufficient time and energy to deal with home improvement matters, so that after a lot of 80 in the face of home improvement problems, Type "service to become the urgent needs of 80 people. User experience in the marketing is essential, door enterprises need to ensure good after-sales service. Enterprises can establish a "one stop in the end" convenient installation services, while establishing a good after-sales channels to protect the interests of consumers, for the busy young consumer groups to lift the worries.
It should be noted that the "one stop in the end" services need to focus on quality, otherwise, the door is likely to face the "one stop in the end" to belittle, for the brand image, but that great loss. Some openers to reduce costs, with poor quality windows and crafts fool consumers, resulting in many buyers in the purchase after the need to re-replace the security door, time-consuming and costly. Which requires the supervision of third-party institutions, developers and door-to-door enterprises to establish a healthy and transparent docking chain to protect the rights of consumers, so that poor quality products without any escape.
6, for the quality of innovation requirements
Innovation is not for mobile phone sets, the same phone, put on a sprout will be called innovation, it is a deception. Anti - theft door enterprises should resolutely put an end to such problems. From the keep up, even if it can not be comprehensive, but also requires once the innovation, innovation that part of the innovation must be squeak, can not flow on the surface. You can start from the local, such as design, technology, locks, any one of the squeaky innovation, are leap, can not fool.
7, can seek diversified development, but for the development of anti-theft door to be focused
In order to seek the development of enterprises, security door enterprises can seek diversified development, can also follow the real estate market changes such as changes, but for the security door market, must have enough focus.
In recent years, steel and other raw material prices continue to rise, the cost of anti-theft door is also rising. The current production of a standard anti-theft door only close to the cost of thousands of dollars. And the name of the market on the banner of the door number of anti-theft door number of dozens of species, such as anti-broken door, door, door, door, door, steel doors, steel doors, etc. The price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. According to industry analysis, the current market sales of security doors are nearly half of the anti-theft door does not meet the standard, but in the name of anti-theft door sales, when the consumer is unknown, bought home after the deceived, so that anti-theft door complaints Constantly, and thus to the entire industry has brought a negative impact.
This is a clear concept of confusion, belittle their own brand, affecting the development of anti-theft door market. Enterprises can pursue diversified development, after all, any business needs to survive, but in their own professional market, must have enough concentration and big eyes. Can not only pursue the profits and hinder the development of the entire industry, especially in the face of the new generation of consumer groups growing time to make such a move.
This is expected to have more industry policies and market standards continue to improve, as well as consumer supervision and security door enterprises to work together to create this market atmosphere.