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Color with a good, "facade" to shine

Color with a good, "facade" to shine

Industry news
China doors and windows network
2017/08/10 17:35
【China Gate Network News】Color is an art, from the wall of the main colors of the ground to choose, to the wooden door style, if the color is not harmonious, will give a very messy feeling, a direct impact on the overall home decoration effect. Take the wooden door, in the home decoration in a lot of owners in the choice of wooden doors tend to only pay attention to the material, while ignoring its decoration style and other furniture, furniture, color matching problems. So, the choice of wooden doors and the overall style of home decoration what kind of color relationship?
1. color consistent with Mo monotonous
Dark wooden doors with dark flooring, commonly used in conservative design or traditional style of design, this mix is ​​more common, the traditional decoration concept is the color of the wall or the door should be lighter than the ground, so you can stretch the visual sense of space. In the color of the floor is relatively high frequency of use, are relatively safe color, even if the match is not wrong with where to go. Medium color + dark door with the way is very common, many styles have been used.
2. The overall coordination echoes
Wood doors as an important facade of the decoration, to form a contrast with the wall can be vivid. If the walls choose white, and the wooden doors are still white, it will make space lack of vitality. On the light-colored system of soft spot for people, you can try to brush the walls into the light yellow, light blue and other colors, light color can be created in the visual space of the big gap, of course, the color gap is not too much, Otherwise it will give a messy feeling. At the same time, the wooden doors should also echo the tone of the furniture, so more overall coordination, so that the whole decoration looks totally natural, if one.
3. Style consistent is not unexpected
Home decoration style is divided into Chinese, European, simple, classical, etc., not only in the use of color to meet the requirements of home style, modeling and home decoration style should be consistent with the styling and color of the ingenious combination of derivative Out of a variety of styles, for the whole house with a lot of imagination to create space. Such as Chinese wooden doors, the traditional Chinese-style wooden door classical atmosphere, full of cultural atmosphere, seem restrained constraints. Designers focus on the Chinese cultural elements as the basic, and cleverly draw on the Western representative of the meaning of the elements of the characteristics of the elements, so that the appearance of the tiles are stable, Founder was decent; visual effects contained in the calm strength, within the doctrine contains a breakthrough, A new modern Chinese style perfect presentation, the color of melting in the shape, creating a changing style with.
Wood door tone with the importance of stress, is no less than the high standards of material and technology requirements. Owners are best to listen to professional home color guide.
As the saying goes, people want to clothes, Buddha to gold, wooden doors is a symbol of the portal, but also need a high standard of color with, in order to make people shines.